About SunHo


SunHo is a biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of first-in-class/best-in-class biologics that regulate immune microenvironment by directly modulating both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Leveraging our deep understanding of immunology, we have developed various types of immunotherapies including immunocytokines to treat cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Our commitment to innovation is evident and supported by our proprietary technology platforms, which include (i) AIC™ Platform, a scalable platform mainly concentrated on antibody-cytokine fusion protein development, (ii) ADCC Enhanced Antibody Platform (“AEA™ Platform”), a FUT8 knock-out cell line constructed to enhance the cytotoxicity of antibodies, and (iii) Armed Innate Effector Multi-specific Platform (“AIM™ Platform”), a platform that focuses on the development of innate immunity stimulator-based bispecific/multi-specific antibodies. Through our proprietary technology platforms, we have identified and developed a pipeline of nine products, with six of them in clinical stage.

Our R&D team is lead by our executive Director, chief executive officer and chief scientific officer Dr. YIN Liusong. The executive Director and vice president overseeing our research and development is Ms. JIANG Xiaoling. Members of our experienced in-house R&D team come from a variety of medical backgrounds and has diverse and in-depth knowledge that is critical to strengthening our R&D capabilities. The functions of our integrated R&D team span drug discovery, in vitro evaluation, pharmacology and pharmacodynamics, protein engineering, process development and quality analysis.

  • 9

    innovative and differentiated R&D pipelines, 6 of them are in the clinical stage

  • 117


  • 62.2%

    R&D members with master degree and above

We have built our GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, which enhance quality assurance and control of our products and fulfill clinical and potential commercial demands for our product candidates in a cost efficient way. Our drug substance production facility is currently equipped with four production lines for a total bioreactor capacity of 1,600L. We have completed the installation of a production line for 5,000L bioreactor capacity, which has finished qualification. Our drug product facility includes one liquid injection filing production line and one lyophilized powder production line, which enables us to prepare biological products into various dosage forms according to different needs in both clinical and commercial stages.