R & D Platform

By activation of innate effectors (i.e. NK and γδT cells) through receptor agonism, and co-targeting of tumor specific or associated antigens and the tumor microenvironment factors (i.e. cytokines, angiogenesis and immunosuppressive factors), SunHo AIM platform improves immune activation in the form of bifunctional or multifunctional antibody fusion proteins, blocking tumorigenesis and metastasis in multiple dimensions, and maximizing the anti-tumor effect.


SunHo Armed Innate-effector Multispecific Platform AIM

With deep understanding of tumorigenesis and cancer immune escape, SunHo AIM platform utilizes tumor associated antigen antibodies (i.e. GPC3, Claudin18.2, CD24) for cancer targeting, receptor agonist antibodies for innate effector activation,   cytokines (i.e. IL15, IL10) and the tumor microenvironmental (i.e. VEGF/TGFβ) for immune modulation, to design multispecific antibody fusion proteins, and evaluates them in terms of expression, target binding, in vitro and in vivo biological activities, as well as developability profiles. SunHo AIM platform is highly flexible and universal for various tumor microenvironment modulation for different clinical indications. SunHo has many years of experience in platform establishment and project development for the AIM platform, and has also generated a comprehensive global patent portfolio, including core platforms, core structures, core sequences, products, etc.

Armed Innate-effector Multispecific Platform, AIM™