R & D Platform

Our AIM™ Platform focuses on designing multi-functional biological products by engaging the innate immune system for cancer immunotherapy. It selects tumor associated antigen antibodies for cancer targeting, receptors agonist antibodies for innate effector activation, and cytokines and other tumor microenvironment factors for immune modulation to design multi- specific antibody fusion proteins, and evaluates them in terms of expression, target binding, in vitro and in vivo biological activities, as well as druggability. Currently, we have developed several categories of proprietary AIM™ Platform that allow us to explore the combination of innate immunity stimulators with different types and numbers of targets, which provide us with abundant flexibility and diversity of various types of tumor microenvironment modulations for different clinical indications. In other words, AIM™ Platform can design and generate a huge pool of potential product candidates through combinations of different innate immunity stimulators, which will enable us to continuously develop new pipeline products. 


SunHo Armed Innate-effector Multispecific Platform AIM™

By targeting innate immunity stimulators instead of adaptive immunity stimulators, which is considered more cytotoxic and easily restrained by immune escape of tumors and the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, products developed from our AIM™ Platform are expected to achieve desired clinical safety and efficacy profiles. Our preclinical product IAN0982 was developed based on the AIM™ Platform. 

Armed Innate-effector Multispecific Platform, AIM™