Corporate Culture

  • Our Mission

    To Bring Perceivable Benefits and Affordable Medicine to Patients both in China and Globally

  • Our Vision

    To be a Leading Global Biopharmaceutical Company with a Focus on Antibody and Cytokine-based Therapeutics

Our Core Value

  • Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence, Patients First, Appreciation

Innovation: We are dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative first-in-class therapeutic biologics.
Pursuit of Excellence: We aspire to provide state-of-the-art biologics for patients worldwide.
Patients First: Our R&D is guided by the most urgent clinical needs, and we are committed to the highest level of quality and affordability to meet those needs.
Appreciation: We appreciate all those people for their ingenuity and endeavor making who we are.

SunHo BioPharma:

    May our innovative biologics be the sun of patients to light up their lives!