R & D Platform

Based on deep understanding of immunology and the tumor microenvironment, SunHo has developed a proprietary platform with our own intellectual property, the Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform, AIC. SunHo AIC platform fuses armed cytokines with tumor-targeting specific antibodies to form bifunctional or multifunctional antibody-cytokine fusion proteins. By bringing cytokines to target cells through antibodies, the systematic toxicity of cytokines is reduced, the Fc structure of antibodies can extend the half-life of cytokines and add the Fc effector functions such as ADCC/ADCP, while the immune cytokines increase the number and activity of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment to reduce the dose of antibody administration, and optimally result in a synergistic effect of antibodies and cytokines for efficient tumor killing.


SunHo Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform AIC

SunHo AIC platform has established globally leading core competencies in cytokine selection and optimization, synergistic antibody selection, immunocytokine engineering design, and immunocytokine cell line construction and quality studies. SunHo has many years of experience in platform establishment and project development for the AIC platform. SunHo IAP0971 is the first armed PD1-IL15 immunocytokine, while IAE0972 is the first EGFR-IL10 immunocytokine, with IND approval by both FDA and NMPA. Both IAP0971 and IAE0972 are in Phase I clinical trials. SunHo has also built a comprehensive global patent portfolio for AIC platform, including core structures, core sequences, analytical methods, products, etc. Relying on the unique platform and extensive experience of SunHo, the timeline from DNA to IND submission has been shortened to 9~12 months, ensuring us to identify safe and effective biological therapeutics for rapid progress into the clinical development.

Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform, AIC™