R & D Platform

Our AIC™ Platform is a frontrunner in the field of immunocytokine development from multiple aspects, including cytokine selection and optimization, antibody selection and engineering, structural design and engineering, and production through customized cell line. It is a powerful research engine that includes not only a pool of intact immunoglobulin G (“IgG”) antibodies and cytokines, but also functional antibody fragments and other types of immune system modulators. It is able to generate products ranging from immunocytokines to other bifunctional fusion proteins. 


SunHo Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform AIC

Our clinical stage drug candidates IAP0971, IAE0972 and IBB0979, and preclinical stage drug candidates ISH0988 and ISH0613 were developed based on the AICPlatform. 

Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform, AIC™