R & D Platform

Fucose modification is one of the most important factors affecting the ADCC activity of antibodies. SunHo ADCC Enhanced Antibody Platform AEA is based on the study of the core fucosyltransferase (FUT8), a key enzyme in antibody fucose modification. The platform uses gene editing to mutate the first and seventh exons of the FUT8 gene in CHO cells with a homozygous frameshift mutation to completely terminate the core fucose modification. The proliferation and protein expression characteristics of the obtained host cell CHO-GS-FUT8 remain unchanged, and all the antibodies expressed by this cell line have 0% core fucose modification at the Fc fragments, allowing for rapid, stable and complete ADCC enhancement of the antibody with a simple and robust development process.


SunHo ADCC Enhanced Antibody Platform, AEA

SunHo AEA platform offers more controllable product quality and it is not affected by the amino acid sequences of antibodies making the broad application of this platform. SunHo IAH0968 is the first fucose-deficient anti-HER2 antibody currently in Phase I clinical study and will enter Phase II in the second half of 2022. Existing data show that the core fucose percentage of IAH0968 is 0%, and the affinity to Fc receptor is increased by more than 20-fold, especially for the FcγRIIIa FF/FV allele, with both in vitro and in vivo data showing more effective killing of tumor. SunHo has many years of experience in platform establishment and project development for the AEA platform, and has also conducted a comprehensive global patent portfolio, including core platforms, core methods, core sequences, products, etc.


ADCC Enhanced Antibody Platform, AEA™