Development Strategy

  • Driven by our mission to meet clinical needs and to ensure our sustainable development, we establish a diversified pipeline of differentiated best-in-class and first-in-class products.
  • Based on our profound understanding of immunology and tumor microenvironment, we create Armed ImmunoCytokine Platform (AIC™), Armed Innate Effector Multispecific Platform (AIM™), and ADCC Enhanced Antibody Platform (AEA™) to support our R&D endeavors in first-in-class drugs.
  • With our in-depth understanding and experience in immunology, we are expanding our footprint in new, immune-related therapeutic areas, including autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and viral infection.
  • We control the quality and costs of our products through our independent GMP drug substance and drug product facilities, which further enhance product competitiveness.
  • Also, given the local advantages of many biopharmas in their respective markets and the expertise of these biopharmas in specialized fields, we are enhancing our partnership with these extraordinary players by out-licensing our products.